Do You Have A Construction Project We Can Help With?

Probably the most overlooked aspect of the construction process. Pre-construction is an integral part of the success of all construction projects. Early involvement and evaluation of the project, providing estimated costs and buildability analysis allows greater certainty and a better understanding of what the project’s duration and out turn costs will be.

This early collaboration can help to value engineer options and assist in ensuring the Client’s design priorities and site requirements are delivered.

To this end we can provide:

  • Cost Plans

  • LEAN/Integrated Project Delivery

  • Buildability Reviews

  • Construction Phasing

  • Long Lead Material Identification

  • Programmes

  • Disruption Mitigation Plans

  • Risk Register

We can act as your Construction Manager, carrying out the co-ordination of the design team, procuring the correct trade for the job and preparing the programme for the delivery of your project. We are generally appointed early in the design process to provide and use our experience to improve the cost and buildability as the scheme develops.

We can advise on the packaging of works, the most relevant procurement route, and the selection of trade contractors together with determining the interface risks. 

We provide the following services:

  • Undertaking the role of  principal contractor

  • Provision of cost plans

  • Developing the methodology for the construction of the project

  • Setting up the site establishment of site welfare and accommodation and both temporary and permanent utilities

  • Establishing the site setting out grid

  • Setting up and managing logistics contracts to carry out site cleaning

  • Co-ordinating the release of information

  • Managing and co-ordinating all site activities

  • Producing and maintaining a Construction Phase Health, Safety and Environment Plan

  • Production of a Project Execution Plan

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